Change the game.

Revolutionize the way sport is consumed, distributed and monetized.



What We Do

The Social Channel partners with sports leagues to build digital businesses that grow audiences and drive revenue. We develop a cohesive ecosystem between the leagues' stakeholders, including athletes, events, fans, and sponsors.

The company was founded by seasoned digital entrepreneurs Rob Dwek and Mike McGraw who bring a deep network and extensive experience in digital content creation, social media, technology, and brand integration to the team.


“As the big social media platforms and new content formats collide, sports leagues will redefine the relationship between brands and fans.”

- Mike McGraw

“Sports leagues are rapidly becoming the new broadcasters of our time and The Social Channel is uniquely positioned to help them build profitable digital platforms.”

- Rob Dwek


How We Do It

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Premium Digital Content Creation

We have a global digital team producing content in a variety of forms, including live streaming, documentary/archival and short-form features


Audience Growth/Distribution

We distribute engaging sports content across the strongest digital platforms in the world to deliver to a mass audience



Monetization of Partnerships

We monetize content across multiple commercial channels and drive significant value for brand partners.



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